Balloons Decoration in Patna

About our decoration

We do all kind of "Balloon Decorations" for you: "Kids Birthday Parties", "Baby Showers", "Sweet 16", "Birthdays", "Quinceaneras", "Theme Parties", "Weddings", "Special Holidays".

All of our "Balloon Decorations" can be built in "any color combination" or with "any theme" for your "special event". Our Staff will deliver your balloons right to the "event" and set it all up for you.

Some more

customized "ballon decoration"

Show budgets, timelines, attendee housing and ragistration, exhibit structure planning, shipment management

themed decoration

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Marriage Decoration

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Simple Balloon Decoration

It is always an amusing moment to see our beloved ones happy and surprised. Flatter them with an exquisite

"Balloon decoration" at home! This surprise goes well on all occasions. Cheer up your friend who just had a downside in their life, or your spouse to express your love for them! Bring upon a smile on your parents’ faces and enlighten their mood as they enter a room full of prismatic balloons.

Let us assist you to enhance your space beforehand and switch the stage the other way up.

"Balloon decoration" is additionally superb for special occasions like a spouse’s birthday, first anniversary, child’s birthday party or your parent’s anniversary.

Schedule a PARTY ZONE decoration artist to visit your house in the chosen (2 hours) slot. Plan your slot according to your convenience!

Need to know:

#. These are not helium balloons. We use air-filled Normal balloons to create the same look as of helium balloons.
#. The time you select is the Completion Time (the time by which you want the decorations to be completed)
#. Decorator details will be shared with you on the performance day of your booking
#. Customer will have to provide stool/ladder for decorations to be done on the ceiling
#. This service is available across Entire Patna

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